XmasQuest Pitch Deck

XmasQuest Pitch Deck

Game Title: XmasQuest

Team Name: GameCreator (Trade Name)

Project Overview

Story Description:

XmasQuest is a VR dungeon tactics RPG that transports players into a mysterious world on Christmas night. The story begins when the protagonist is suddenly drawn into a mysterious dungeon on Christmas Eve. There, he is given a mission to save the world before the Christmas magic fades away. Players take on the role of the protagonist, exploring dungeons, encountering various characters, and engaging in strategic battles to uncover the heart of the story.


During dungeon movement, players move in units of about 3 square meters per room. When taking action on treasure chests or message characters, they use the buddy character Alice, enhancing communication between the player and Alice.


In seamless tactical battles, a new approach is experienced by adopting three directions instead of four. Being surrounded in three directions prevents escape and reduces evasion rates. Considering dungeon movement in units of 3 square meters per room makes it equivalent to four directions. Bosses can attack from six directions.


Players strengthen characters by raising parameters represented by ♠️♣️♦️❤️ and clear tactical battles. The Max value of ♠️♣️♦️❤️ parameters can be increased by repeatedly setting any of ♠️♣️♦️❤️ during battles. The job changes depending on which parameter is set:

  • ♠️ – Archer, Thief, Dragon Knight
  • ♦️ – Knight, Monk, Feng Shui Master
  • ❤️ – White Mage, Onmyoji, Orator
  • ♣️ – Black Mage, Time Mage, Summoner

♦️ represents a parameter akin to abstracted real-world money, obtainable through achievements or selling items. It allows purchasing high-defense armors.

♠️ represents skills acquired through knowledge or training, remaining constant. Higher ♠️ enhances accuracy and attack power, as well as evasion and agility.

❤️ represents stamina, replenished by resting at inns or camping. It is used to strengthen recovery magic.

♣️ represents resources found while exploring dungeons. It is a parameter emphasizing conservation, allowing temporary boosts to firepower.

Scenario Progression Process

Falling into a parallel world on Christmas Eve

  1. Return to the castle
  2. Receive missions
    • Go to the city by vehicle
    • Gather information in the city
  3. Advance through the dungeon
  4. Battle bosses
  5. Plot scenario videos
  6. Return to the castle
  7. Repeat

Rough Scenario

Ghost Town – Move by train

  • Ghosts (Homeless)
  • Library and graveyard
  • Dreams of Christmas (3 patterns of thoughts on Christmas)

Goblin Town – Move by train

  • Goblins (Thieves)
  • Hospital
  • Dreams of Christmas (Christmas presents)

Zombie Town – Move by train

  • Zombies (Gangsters)
  • Arsenal and base
  • Dreams of Christmas (They were supposed to make a game for Christmas together as a Halloween return)

Dracula City – Move by train

  • Dracula (Con artist)
  • Jewelry store

Scenario 1 Ending

(The shocking truth of the aftermath of the thoughts on 3 patterns of Christmas)

Escape abroad while making the game on the ship

World of Flames – Move by ship

  • Steam punk and acquaintance of ninjas (Inventor)
  • Resurrection of Ifrit in a place like Maya ruins in a country like Mexico
  • Blacksmith

World of Thunder – Move by ship

  • Cyborgs and hackers (Military)
  • Receive a light ornament from Ramuh in a terminal-like world of SF
  • Computer room

World of Ice – Move by ship

  • Robots and reindeer humans’ guardian
  • Activate Shiva in a place like Yggdrasil in a country like Finland
  • Send a Christmas game at the Media Tower

Scenario 2 Ending

World of Darkness – Move by airship

  • Aliens
  • Chase after the best-behaved child who didn’t receive a present and caused the world to collapse, fleeing into space


Make it easy to create VRRPG and stimulate the VR market

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis:

No RPGs that combine dungeons and tactical games exist yet.

Characteristics of Target Market:

There are many users who prefer stories.

Forecast of Demand:

According to surveys on Twitter, there is high demand for VRRPGs.

User Description

The target users of XmasQuest are players who like RPGs. They seek fulfillment and want to enjoy rich stories.

Competitive Analysis

XmasQuest allows players to see realistic characters up close. It provides a comfortable experience with minimal VR sickness and implements seamless tactical battles.

Game Features

XmasQuest can easily VR-ize classical RPG games, allowing players to experience classical RPG games in VR.

Introduction of Development Team

I have various skills such as Vim programming, Maya 3D modeling, Houdini effects, and Maschine MK3 music creation.

Character Creation:

  • Create one character in one week
  • Hair: 2 days with MayaXgen
  • Clothing: 2 days with MarvelousDesigner
  • Face and body: 1 day with CharacterCreator
  • LOD character: 1 day
  • Setup in Unity: 1 day

Music: Create 1 song in 1 day with MaschineMK3

Effects: 1 day with Houdini

Animation: 60 frames in 1 day

I have a rich network of people such as musicians, illustrators, and CG artists.

Business Model

Revenue Model:

Basic free, revenue model for purchasing additional episodes

Market Demand:

There is high demand for VRRPGs based on information from Twitter and other sources. Since it is a new concept game, there may be demand.

Marketing Strategy:

A marketing strategy involving cooperation with Facebook and comedians is planned. Effective marketing strategies may reach a wide audience.

Game Quality and User Experience:

It is expected that XmasQuest will receive favorable reviews from users for its unique gameplay, captivating story, and realistic characters, providing high-quality and attractive game experiences.

Competition Situation:

Since it is a game with a new concept and few competitors, there is a high possibility of capturing demand.

Taking these factors into account, XmasQuest has the potential to acquire tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of installations if it has an effective marketing strategy and provides a high-quality game experience. However, this is a prediction, and actual results may vary due to various factors.

Development Plan

1. Finalization of Concept and Design:

  • Establishment of basic game concept
  • Creation of game design document

2. Prototype Creation:

  • Creation of basic gameplay prototype
  • Implementation of player movement and controls in VR

3. Art and Design Development:

  • Creation of art assets such as characters, monsters, environments
  • Design and implementation of UI/UX

4. Implementation of Gameplay:

  • Implementation of tactics battle system
  • Implementation of story progression and quests

5. Testing and Adjustment:

  • Testing playability and collecting feedback
  • Bug fixing and game balance adjustment

6. Final Adjustment and Release Preparation:

  • Adding final graphics and music
  • Preparation for release and development of marketing strategy

7. Release and Support:

  • Game release
  • Support and improvement in response to player feedback

Funding Requirements

Required funds: Software costs

  • Maya Indie: 42,900 yen per year
  • Marvelous Designer: 34,000 yen per year (USD 280)
  • Substance: 26,818 yen per year
  • HOUDINI INDIE: 32,727 yen per year (USD 269)
  • AccuFace Profile for Motion Live Plugin: 75,000 yen (USD 499) one-time purchase
  • iClone8: 90,000 yen (USD 599) one-time purchase

Other: 800,000 yen

Voice actors, comedians, influencers, marketing